Element TITANIUM Weight Assisted Chin / Dip

Add another dimension to your fitness training with the Element Assisted Chin and Dip Machine. Chin ups and dips are great exercises that help build strength and muscular endurance in the arms, shoulders and chest. Using this machine on a regular basis can help create a toned and sculpted upper torso, while also improving athletic ability especially where powerful arms movements are needed such as in tennis, golf, swimming, baseball, and rugby.

Specifically designed to withstand the rigours of a busy commercial gym environment, this Assisted Chin and Dip Machine boasts a high quality finish with robust frame and durable upholstery. The padded kneeling support and comfortable hand-grips mean you can train comfortably for longer. With steps that provide easy access to the equipment, it is ideal for users of all abilities.

Using only the best components, this machine provides smooth, fluid movements that make working out a real pleasure. The 200 lbs. (90kg) weight stack will keep your muscles challenged and engaged as your training progresses, while the stack guards offer additional safety so you can exercise in complete confidence. A conveniently placed User Instruction Placard is a great reference tool that shows how to use the machine effectively and efficiently, as well as what specific muscles are being worked. Bright yellow weight selector and seat adjustment pins have been incorporated to assist the visually impaired.

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