Meet the Team


Kim Fritzley, Owner-Operator

 Kim has been with HomeFit since 1989 and took over the business in 2012 when original founder John Carter passed away. She began her career at HomeFit after completing her BA in Physical Education at Wilfrid Laurier University, where she played varsity basketball. She was also a competitive sprinter. Her love of athletics and fitness combined with her innate business sense made her a perfect fit for the store. Kim worked closely with John as the store manager for years before taking the wheel herself, and she knows HomeFit better than anyone else. Her attitude and enthusiasm for fitness and for HomeFit are enduring. She confidently led the business through the Covid-19 pandemic and aims to keep up the momentum and maintain our high level of customer service, a point of pride for her in the business.

Kim has the distinction of currently being the only female owner-operator in the Canadian fitness retail industry. This is a badge that she wears with pride, however she also hopes to see more women at the helm of fitness retailers in the future. “Exercise is for absolutely everybody, and we need a more diverse representation of people in charge to reflect that” she says. She hopes that her position shows other women that the gym is so much more than a boy’s club and there is room for them to be there too.

Favourite piece of equipment: PowerBlock Sport 2.4 Adjustable Dumbbells

Favourite sport: Football

Favourite TV show: Schitt’s Creek

Where you will find me when I’m not at HomeFit: At the beach, walking my dog Winny, spending time with                                                                                                                     family (preferably all at once!)


Dave Neziol, Owner, Commercial Sales Manager

Dave has been working in the fitness industry for over 30 years in a broad range of roles. He has seen it from every angle; from manufacturing and wholesale down to commercial and retail. Before purchasing HomeFit with Kim in 2012 Dave was the Vice-President of Sales at Accell Fitness. In that role he developed a depth of product knowledge that has allowed him to work on our continually growing commercial sales department. Dave uses his expert knowledge on all things fitness equipment to make solid recommendations that fit the most niche of needs. If you need a specialized piece of equipment for your facility, Dave can get it for you at the best price. He has put together hundreds of facilities in gyms, schools, and corporate fitness centres in the last 10 years. Dave takes pride in his ability to help you find the right equipment for your budget.

He understands the diverse needs of the commercial population and believes that the more suited to a piece of equipment someone is, the more likely they are to use it. “For lots of people, exercise requires motivation. The wrong piece of equipment can totally de-motivate you from working out, but the right piece of equipment will keep you coming back” he explains. This philosophy has led to a healthier, happier, and more accomplished clientele.

Favourite piece of equipment: Element Neutron Functional Trainer

Favourite sport: Golf

Favourite TV show: Ted Lasso

Where you will find me when I’m not at HomeFit: Working on my swing at the driving range.


Jake Baleshta, Retail Sales Manager 

Jake brings a wealth of experience to the HomeFit sales team and his time with the company runs deep. He has been a member of staff at HomeFit since 1985, our first year in business. With a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology from University of Alberta and an Honours degree in Physical Education, he has designed and executed fitness programs for cardiac rehabilitation patients, NHL hockey teams, firefighters, special needs children and more. He has also taught senior’s fitness classes in his hometown of Elmira. Jake has a proven track record of creating engaging fitness programming and brings that skill to the sales floor, where he will work with you to determine the best home exercise solution for you and your family. 

In Jake’s mind, two things are integral to creating an effective and lasting fitness routine: Consistency and Fun! Consistency follows naturally when an activity is fun. As he says, “it doesn’t matter what you’re doing, it just matters that you keep doing it.”

Favourite piece of equipment: WaterRower S4 Natural

Favourite sport: Hockey (Team), Cycling (Individual)

Favourite TV show: Grace & Frankie

Where you will find me when I’m not at HomeFit: Cycling on the Rail Trails



Nathan Cumber, Sales and Operations

Nathan is the newest addition to the HomeFit team; however, he has been hanging around the showroom since pre-school! As Kim’s son, Nathan has been a part of HomeFit for his whole life. In September 2020 after a whirlwind summer in the first year of the pandemic the store needed to hire more staff to keep up with customer demand. With a close connection to HomeFit and over a decade of experience in customer-facing and managerial roles, Nathan was a no-brainer to bring on to the team. As an avid long-distance runner, he understands the importance of using strength exercises for conditioning. He’s also used every piece of cardio equipment in the lineup and is ready to offer recommendations tailored to your own fitness goals. Whether you are going from the couch to a 5k or training for your first marathon, Nathan will help pin down exactly what you need to achieve your best and keep your body healthy.  

Favourite piece of equipment: Matrix T75 w/ XUR console

Favourite sport: Distance running

Favourite TV show: RuPaul’s Drag Race

Where you will find me when I’m not at HomeFit: Cooking up a storm in my kitchen!




Adam Goddard - GymTech, Head of Service and Delivery

Adam heads up the service and delivery department at HomeFit and has been making sure that your equipment runs smoothly since 2013. Before that, Adam did furniture assembly, fitness repair work, home repair, appliance assembly and repair – basically anything he could get his hands on to fix, he would! Once he started working exclusively with HomeFit and only working on gym equipment he rebranded his business to GymTech and got to work. Adam has now assembled and serviced countless cardio machines, cable systems, racks, benches and more from across our entire lineup, in both residential and commercial settings. 

Adam’s technical skills combined with his fantastic, straight-forward customer service means that you will get an honest assessment of your equipment and he will go above and beyond to restore and keep your unit in working condition, so you don’t lose out on any of your fitness gains.

Favourite piece of equipment: Xtreme Monkey Infinity Rack (with Lat Pulldown)

Favourite sport: Shooting, Fishing

Favourite TV show: The Sopranos

Where you will find me when I’m not at HomeFit: Tinkering in my workshop, I’m working on some forging and casting at the moment.